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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ( 5 minutes ago )

Asad360 : this is a good movie but nothing can compare to Excalibur.

Herman's Head ( 6 minutes ago )

bondad : Like Americanposer, I stumbled across this and wanted to watch it again (when that animated film came out last year I remembered the comic strip The Numbskulls, and was sure there had been a TV series on a similar theme, but could not recall it at the time). I remember I used to enjoy this, and I think one of the internal characters was Karl in Dweebs, but I really wanted to see it again; and no links! :(( boohooo

Blood Drive ( 20 minutes ago )

magmadar : srsly wtf are we all watching ? i want more shows like these that make no sense and are just bizarre.

American Gods ( 31 minutes ago )

SASALI : Emily Browning is a great actress , I love every single scene she play

Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath ( 32 minutes ago )

GrnGrnEyz : This did actually air, right? There are no links and sometimes that is because the show did not air as planned.....

Stepdaughter ( 36 minutes ago )

BellaMia2 : Nothing new with this movie, the plot has been seen before. It's a typical Lifetime movie, which means no surprise. Just OK for me.

The Mist ( 44 minutes ago )

sleuthsnoopy : These new rules apparently stop me from writing what I want to. Well I knew this would be different but not an after school special! Really? #*$*? I'm sure the writers thought they could add some drama into this series by doing that but, for me, it takes away from the whole Stephen King aspect of The Mist. How much do you want to bet it was the $%^& $%^& who did it--yeah, the #$%^& $%^&* $%^&...thats another thing... really? I am still watching but it has become less enjoyable now and more of how will they "make it their own" next. ugh!!! Ok I edited it so there shouldn't be any spoilers in it. double Ugh!!

Blood Drive ( 46 minutes ago )

magmadar : ive no idea what im watching but its brilliant. its like an adult swim cartoon turned into a real live action series.

So Weird ( 54 minutes ago )

SuggestionBox : I looked for a random show and chose this one. Nice that it's only 24 minutes long so I watched all three seasons, looking forward to a family show. It started out cute, but turned dark and occultist, and ended very frustrating. I don't consider the occult to be family entertainment. The frustrating part is that, over the years, after having witnessed and experienced all the weirdness (with evidence galore), the family (Jack and Molly) continued to not believe and reject everything as either nonsense or Fi and Annie's imagination. They must think kids are ridiculously stupid as to not notice that in a show. The comment below this one told about the original intent for season 3. According to a detailed Trivia comment on IMDb, the writers planned to go very dark and very occultish but Disney (thankfully) put a stop to it and season 3 was rewritten, which is why S3 is so bad and wanders randomly. As for the characters, the boys (Clu, Jack and Carey) were overtly aggravating and annoying. Clu and Carey were OVERLY bad and ridiculous. (Erik von Detten and Eric Lively are seriously bad actors.) The character of Jack was incredibly random and never developed or consistent in any way. Mackenzie Phillips as Molly was the weirdest casting choice ever. It's impossible to believe her in this role when her entire real life of drugs, alcoholism, and SO much more is public knowledge. Even though she's finally turned her life around, that stigma is hard to forget for the purpose of suspending disbelief. The kids are all in their mid-thirties now. Patrick Levis (Jack) is actually a worship leader at his church and a professional musician, with a wife and daughter. Basically, the show starts out interesting enough but, at the first thought that you might stop watching this show, go with that thought and know you aren't missing anything.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ( 1 hour ago )

naturaljay : what the hell have they done to the King Arthur story , this came no were close what a mess :(

Place of Execution ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : Good conclusion to the series. Although, it felt a bit unfinished to me. Having learned the truth about the village's secret and her own, one or two more episode would've nice, so we could see Catherine deal with the aftermath of such a bombshell. See the effects on her life and her relationships with her mother and daughter. Still though, a series worth watching. Loved it.

Flu ( 1 hour ago )

vyletterose : it was alright until the english subtitles stopped in the middle of the movie. i continued watching, though; even though i couldnt understand the language, i could still follow the gist of it..(i watched via the estream link)

Is Genesis History ( 1 hour ago )

trust_worthy : Gosh this is stupidity on a whole new level. 20 minutes are too much for a bad written joke. Content may even been entertaining if they were at least bearable, but it is just a waste of time and it seems like those idiotic movies made by amateurish conspiracy theorists. I was hoping something more entertaining the way the Ancient Aliens series, which still remains unbeaten for its entertaining quality.

The Stakelander ( 1 hour ago )

ren4527 : Not bad ! But, the first movie was really good.

Place of Execution ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : Still hooked on this show. Definitely got me interested all through the episode. Will be finishing the series to see the conclusion. STILL a good watch.

The Mist ( 1 hour ago )

idrow : I wish this had a better budget to do the story justice, but so far it's watchable. It has a syfy channel vibe to it, which is a shame. I think if this was an HBO or Showtime series, it would be so much better because it has real potential.

Riviera ( 1 hour ago )

JennyFromBlockC : Still enjoying it thoroughly but feels like its missing something now. A bit of action or something to go with the intrigue.

El Chapo ( 1 hour ago )

jesb51 : The acting is horrific and the subtitles are so crappy it seems like they were done by those, "One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song," guys. Just really bad.

The Age of Adaline ( 1 hour ago )

gretaroxx : It was interesting at first but then the coincidences felt too far fetched. Not my cup of tea but Blake lively is always fab.

I Spit on Your Grave ( 1 hour ago )

simi5 : she got them really good.

Catwoman ( 1 hour ago )

DannyAchi : This is the greatest movie of all time, whoever thinks the Godfather is a #1 clearly hasn't seen Catwoman 2004

Red Dwarf ( 1 hour ago )

slappyslippy : them cycling shorts to tight man lol

Masterchef (US) ( 1 hour ago )

AustinC129 : That girl did not give a shit about losing....she be smiling and happy

Rick and Morty ( 1 hour ago )

vtanisstoll : One of the best episodes so far

Bill Hicks Sane Man ( 1 hour ago )

mondoraptor : Fuck Richard Pryor! Bill Hicks IS the King of comedy!

The Fate of the Furious ( 2 hours ago )

90smovielover : A first I thought I had the wrong link it looked like a music video in the beginning, When the fast and furious movies first came out, we didn't take it as a big deal it was just a bunch a fun movies with hot woman and fast cars we watched with our friends during summer but they took themselves way to seriously and insteadof ending it long time ago they decided to get greedy. The franchise is odd without Paul walker, they are trying to push it but I think it needs to end. Covering it with big actors who can act like can't save it, just end it and move on. It had some funny moments but some very cringing moments too. 5 out of 10 bless their heart

Transformers: Age of Extinction ( 2 hours ago )

thelionknight : I liked it, nothing can ever be compared to the memories of youth. I am just glad they are making movies as I so love the Transformers. There was some issues for sure but I would rather it have issues and exist than not at all. Also, the clown (spray painted makeup) that played the daughter was atrocious actor. Good version. Thanks for the upload and refresher before " The Last Knight"

Star Trek: The Next Generation ( 2 hours ago )

imac786 : now this was a truly stupid story line. 20th century space junk should be freezing cold and should not have artificial gravity (lol) yet worf transported without suit. Also solar panels wont work in interstellar space. internal surface pattern of cryogenic box seem to match enterprise transporter wall pattern except color. exterior shots of enterprise keep using same star patterns in different parts of galaxy how cheap. btw picard's attitude towards data was complete dickish data did the right thing. plzzzzz make these shows for grown ups too not just childish fantasies.

The Bad Batch ( 2 hours ago )

AimoKuningas : I too waited this one after seeing the 'A Girl walks alone' and I liked it a lot. I think I have to see it again soon. A must see dystopian movie. 4/5.

Queen of the South ( 2 hours ago )

ellegrl : this episode was intense. I love it when we get to see some action.

The Mist ( 2 hours ago )

manditoe : I do Not think that boy raped her, I believe him n I actually think it was her friend or whomever else but not him. I also think her mother was raped or something too when she was younger. This is just my thought's Not facts so don't think it as any

The Mist ( 2 hours ago )

manditoe : I like it so far but I'm worried it will drag on Unless its just one season long!

The Mist ( 2 hours ago )

ShiftyAiden : Pace is slowing a bit but everything I had an issue with is working itself out. I bet most episodes will probably be like this. I'm not looking for a miracle with this show but it's totally fine 3.7

Charmed ( 2 hours ago )

aba23 : If the book was written by the witches before them - how did they know back then how to fight against the Warlocks and Demons? Did they face them also, then wrote it down and now the same ones are coming back?

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ( 2 hours ago )

JRRLolkien : What an absolute moron! I would have ditched Maleka the second she started whining about the other girls being bullies. RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE. Grown ass women don't conduct themselves like that, not to mention the fact that it is very obvious that she's not in it for him. She simply wanted to win a contest. She's the worst!

The Escort ( 3 hours ago )

Nero667 : The usual "cute" predictable rom com. 3/5

Resident Evil Vendetta ( 3 hours ago )

jessie_jess1 : Why do asians hate putting themselves in things they make?! It's so embarrassing for us to watch their stuff and have them try and write for white english characters with broken english / complete lack of social competencies that make up our civilization. Just comes off as sad and desperate pandering. Love yourselves, asians.. stop trying so hard.

The Amazing Race ( 3 hours ago )

Raji_ : The last leg was a joke. I was hoping for something difficult.. oh well..

Bounty Killer ( 3 hours ago )

BioM3chX : Glad i stumble on this fun movie, it has some familiar faces and fresh ones and lots of action has that Mad Max and Barbwire feel to it...definitely on my favorites.

All Eyez on Me ( 3 hours ago )

dk_1986 : i didn't know tupac was known for being a horific rapist..thats sad...i thought he was a rapper only

Dark Matter ( 3 hours ago )

BioM3chX : Would it be awesome Dark Matter and Killjoy crossover?! I hope this Ryo's empire saga be over soon and get back to the real space pirate adventure of the Raza. Cause this is feels like that Star Trek TNG Worf's political eps...boriiiing.

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ( 3 hours ago )

katebunny85 : Holy MONKEY BALLS! She's not into you dude. Not at all. She's playing you. She's stringing you along. She's not attracted to you. She wants to be on TV and that's it. How many bricks can she throw at you before you duck and say I'm OUT. PEACE. Good lord. Get some self respect honey! Please.

Place of Execution ( 3 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : Another series found by browsing IMDB. And I'm glad I did so, once again. Foirst episode watched, and it got my attention. Can't wait to watch the rest. Gotta love the Brits, they sure know how to make good TV series. So far so good.

Charmed ( 3 hours ago )

aba23 : I totally forgot how innocent Piper was in the beginning.

All Eyez on Me ( 3 hours ago )

BioM3chX : Really?! This junk is on featured film? The Recall is better than this juncummentary...

All Eyez on Me ( 3 hours ago )

nakedheart : Guess people don't have anything better to do...I guess since they went on brought back up OJ they said let's bring back up Tupac next it gonna be Biggie... Please can we move onto something new and creative...I'm BORED!!! and soooooo over it!

Rakka ( 3 hours ago )

BioM3chX : I grew tired of TWD and avoiding FTWD dramas, this would be a great replacement if they ever make it into a series! I'm tired of freakin' Zombies...except z-nation lol!

The Strain ( 3 hours ago )

junebugduck : The fourth and final season of the FX vampire thriller will premiere Sunday, July 16 at 10/9c, the network announced Tuesday. FX revealed that Season 4 will be the show’s last when it renewed The Strain last September.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Asad360 : this is a good movie but nothing can compare to Excalibur.

Herman's Head

bondad : Like Americanposer, I stumbled across this and wanted to watch it again (when th ...

Blood Drive

magmadar : srsly wtf are we all watching ? i want more shows like these that make no sense ...

American Gods

SASALI : Emily Browning is a great actress , I love every single scene she play

Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath

GrnGrnEyz : This did actually air, right? There are no links and sometimes that is because t ...


BellaMia2 : Nothing new with this movie, the plot has been seen before. It's a typical Lifet ...

The Mist

sleuthsnoopy : These new rules apparently stop me from writing what I want to. Well I knew th ...

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